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August 21, 2020
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A Dog Crate is More than Just a Place to Call Home

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You have a dog. You need a dog crate. The question is what kind do you want or need? The purposes and functions of a good dog crate can make a big difference not only in the life of your dog, but, more importantly, in the life of the owner. If you need a dog crate that is big and sturdy, then a small soft-sided one just won't do. Obviously, if you need or want a soft-sided model then a large wire heavy duty crate would be impractical. So let's take a look at the types of crates on the market to see what some of the options are, that way you can be sure to find one that will keep you and your dog as happy as possible.

First, the classic wire crates are great for puppy training and for securing your dog. Most models have a removable bottom floor pan that can be hosed off and cleaned. When we trained our last puppy, this was a real benefit. Spread out those newspapers and get to work house training! When the inevitable accidents happen it's no big deal to remove the pan from the dog crate, clean it off and put it back. Another really nice feature to many of these types of crates is that they have multiple doors. When we travel we put our lab in the crate and the crate in the back of the suburban. If the dog crate only had one door on the end it would be a real pain to load and unload the dog. But, since it has a second side door it makes it really simple for him (and us) to get in and out. Some of these wire models can also be broken down and made relatively flat for storage.

Second, and many wire crates fall in this category, there's the folding dog crate that is, not surprisingly, foldable. After all, what color is George Washington's white horse? The main thing to know about this style is that they can be quickly collapsed for storage making them super portable. They are easy to set up and extremely convenient. They still serve the greater purpose of safety and security for your dog. I've seen these electro-coated so that they have an attractive white or black finish. And, of course, they are also available in the standard galvanized steel. The removable pans on these are also available in different materials like galvanized or plastic. This type of dog crate is perfect for uses where wear and tear are heavy, but appearance is important. Most soft sided crates, discussed next, also fall in this category.

Finally, the soft sided dog crate is perfect for many uses. They allow your pet to have a bit more comfort, but perhaps the main benefit to this style is that they are more gentle on your car or home interior. No edges to catch on anything, and they come in lots of fun colors. When you are not using them they can be folded up and put away. One nice thing of this style crate versus the wire crate, is that they are a lot lighter to move or carry! These, like the others, come in small, medium, and large sizes.

Find a dog crate that works for you and your pet. There's lots of them out there to choose from, and you'll be glad you did.


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