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September 12, 2020
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A Doggie at Play Keeps the Doctor Away

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Your dog needs exercise and physical activity, just like you. Exercise will let your dog burn off extra energy, stop negative behaviors, and promote good health. You can exercise a dog both indoors and outdoors several times a week, and give yourself a good workout as well. Here are a few exercises your dog will enjoy.You and your dog may enjoy running. Put him in his collar and leash and go for a jog, being sure to keep an appropriate pace he can match. A 15- to 20-minute run is a good start for exercise. If indoors, you can run up and down the stairs, or around the house while he chases you. Just like cats, some dogs love chasing a laser pointer. Point the laser on the floor (never in his eyes!) and drag it around, letting him chase the red dot for awhile. You can also throw a Frisbee in a park or backyard and let him run after it. Do you want to give your dog exercise and challenge him? Why not set up an obstacle course? You can create an interesting and challenging course with items you already own, or you can purchase a kit online. Let your dog go through a balanced hula hoop and run around a few boxes, with you leading the way. The course doesn't have to be fancy, just fun.You can take your dog along with you for favorite sports and activities. Your dog might enjoy hiking in a national or local park. Use caution by choosing pleasant trails and avoid those with rocks, stones and other things that could damage his paws. You will have to equip yourself with plenty of water for your dog, and a portable water bowl so he can get proper hydration on your hike. Always check the parks rules in advance so you know what is required for your pet. For instance, some parks allow off-leash dogs while others do not.Swimming is another activity enjoyed by both humans and dogs. Always watch your dog and never leave him unattended. You can throw a favorite toy in the water, and let him swim after it. He may even like to climb aboard a dog-safe float. You could also consider a dog life jacket. Be sure not to force him into the water; but, if he displays a natural curiosity about the water, encourage him to have a good time in it. Do you like soccer? Your dog might like it, too! Let him chase around a soccer ball with you, and have some fun. You don't need any fancy equipment to exercise your dog. It's easy to give him the proper exercise he needs, and still have fun. Regular exercise for your dog will improve his health, and yours, too! It will also reduce acting out behaviors, build trust and confidence and let him bond with you. Exercise offers endless health benefits, such as better digestion, weight maintenance, and heart health. Want the best for your dog? Exercise him well.


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