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May 25, 2020
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A Good Choice Of Pet Food Container

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Depending on what type of animal a homeowner has, locating a good pet food container should not be that difficult a task. There are many different types of feed storage units available through a large department store, animal specialty store or farm and feed store. The storage units are varied in the materials used to keep the feed for the animals bug-free, dry and away from those animals who might want to help themselves to a snack before it's time for dinner.

Keeping the kibble moist and chewy or crunchy and fresh is what an airtight storage bin will do for the feed. Usually these will be found in the plastic wares isle and have a tight snap-on lid. There are various sizes, some with a pouring spout to directly aim the kibble into the animals bowl without spilling it on the floor and making it easier to measure for those dogs or cats that tend to over eat.

Other materials used in the storage bins for animal feed are metal which helps to keep mice and other rodents out of the animal meal if it is stored in the garage or basement where rodents can get to the feed. Another material that is impenetrable is stone or large crock which not only can't be chewed threw by any animal, they can't be moved or pushed away from their original resting place because they are heavy more like a rock.

A lot of times people who own dogs like to have their dog dishes for water and feed raised up higher then the floor so that they do not hurt their back or neck when feeding. This is also a great place to store extra feed in the compartment under the bowls. It gives the dog owner easy access to their dry kibble when it meal time and keeps the feed from getting wet or stale.

There are larger, trashcan style bins or drums that work well in keeping big quantities of chow for various animal that may be a bit bigger fed properly. These are animals such as the miniature horses, potbellied pigs and llamas, all which would have their feed stored in a barn or farming area. Most of this feed comes in extremely large bags and in order to empty them; one might have to wheel the feed storage bin up to the truck and this means finding one with wheels on it. There are several on the market with wheels for easy moving from place to place.

A homeowner or apartment dweller must also ask themselves where the storage bins are going to be placed before they go out and purchase something. There are various kinds, such as stackable storage bins as well as those will the wheels on them for easy and movability. These types of stacking bins are usually plastic, sometimes with a clear plastic lid on the side for easy reaching of a scoop. They work nicely for families that have several different kinds of animals, say a dog and a cat or families in smaller homes.

Storage bins for dog or cat feed should be kept in a cool, dry place like the kitchen pantry or another closet type area. This will cut down on the amount of heat and moisture getting to the animal rations and if it tastes good, they will eat it and not waste it. The storage units should be airtight and unable to allow bugs or rodents to penetrate them if they are stored in a garage or basement area.

Be sure to think about all the options and possibilities before looking for a good pet food container. A feed bin that is chew-proof, airtight, bug-proof and spill-proof will be a good choice. Once a storage bin is able to keep out the bad things and in the good feed, then it will become a useful tool in keeping the animals healthy.


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