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June 8, 2020
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A Little Information About Flea Control On Your Pet

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If you have a pet then you know all about fleas and flea control. Even though it is hard to keep your pet from going outside you are still going to have to take them outside sooner or later and they are going to get a flea or two on them. That is why you need to get a good type of flea control. If you are using the same brand every time then it obviously isn't working out for you. So you need to get some advice and get some better stuff for your dog or cat believe me they will love you for it. I just moved from Texas to South Florida and the minute that I left Texas my Dog had stopped scratching so much. When I got down here to south Florida I haven't seen a flea on him yet and I haven't even used any flea control since I have been down here. May sound weird but it's been almost 3 months now and he still may only have 1 flea.

The simple thing to do for you and your dog is either get your dog dipped in flea control, or you just go buy some really good flea control for your dog. You can go to pet smart and get any kind of flea control that you want and as long as it is expensive it will work all the other cheap kinds will not work I have tried them all I promise. So if you cannot find a good source of flea control from a pet store then you need to find other means of getting the stuff. You can go to your vet that you take your pet to and have them dip your pet in a flea control that will keep them good for a certain amount of time.

If that doesn't work the stuff that I use now is advantage. I think that is what it is called it works really good. I have a Pit Bull and his coat has never looked so good. He is tan with a white chest and he has never looked so good and healthy. He isn't scratching every 3 minutes now he is normally sleeping all day not doing anything else but sleeping all day long. He is a very rotten dog but he doesn't have fleas.

If you still cannot find what you are looking for then you just need to go online because they offer so much stuff online that you will be able to find something that is good online for a cheap good price. If you cannot find a good price on the internet for flea controls then I have no idea what to tell you other then just get the dip by your vet because it isn't getting any better or cheaper. You can take your pet to the vet and they will probably already know your vet so it will be easy to accomplish.


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